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Camo- Not Just for Halloween or Hunting

As the Halloween season approaches, people often ask the all important question, “what am I going to dress up as?”

There are many different ideas, but several costumes revolve around the idea of camo: from hunters to soldiers to zombies- costumes for men and women, from babies to adults- there’s no denying that camo is a big part of Halloween.

And obviously, camo is a huge staple of hunting, however, now- camo is a part of everyday fashion. Camouflage has made its way onto high fashion runways and in homes across America- and fashion magazines tell us that camo will make us stand out as fashion icons!

Who knew?!


Need some ideas on how to make a statement with camo?

1) Pick an accessory piece like a scarf, purse, jewelry, footwear, or eyewear. You can simply add a camo piece to a regular outfit. Picture cute jeans, a plain black top, and a camo scarf = instant camo accessorizing perfection!

2) Think Pink. Pink camo has become a must have in closets everywhere. You can choose a pink camo top, a pink camo purse, or any pink camo think your heart desires. It has become so popular that it has its own separate category on!

3) Add heels. Picture this- Camo capris, a plain top, and cute heels for an adorable night on the town outfit.

The bottom line is this- camo isn’t just for the woods or the battlefield anymore, and there’s really no wrong way to wear it. Check out all of the apparel categories on for ideas and inspiration, and let us know how you wear your camo.

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