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More Brides Are Walking Down The Aisle Wearing Camo

camo wedding shoes

Where does camouflage come from? Camouflage, a French word loosely meaning to disguise or blind, was originally intended to mask American military forces -- as well as their tanks, submarines, and battleships -- in combat. Hunters later picked up the pattern, and now you can find it just about anywhere. Camo baby bibs, camo formal wedding dresses, camo wedding shoes, camo-patterned Bibles, camouflage sheets, and even pink camo boots are rapidly gaining popularity all across the country.

How Can You Plan Your Own Camo Wedding?
A quick Google search should give you plenty of ideas. Brides are wearing camo gowns, grooms are wearing camo vests or even camo tuxes, and bridesmaids and groomsmen are -– naturally -– dressed from head to toe in camo as well. Keep in mind that the pattern is incredibly versatile. Couples choose from traditional camo, traditional camo with color accents, or even pink and purple camo for their weddings. Complete the look by decorating tiered cakes with thick camouflage ribbons, serving camo cupcakes, and/or covering tables with camouflage tulle or solid, camouflage fabric.

Remember, Everything Doesn't Have to Be Covered In Camo
The trick to pulling off camo wedding shoes or other camo trends is to balance things out. To begin with, settle on a theme. Are you going for a rustic country wedding or for a less formal, maybe even redneck wedding? If you are hosting a country wedding, decorate with hay, logs, and mason jars. If you want something decidedly more redneck, consider serving beer in cans and serving Twinkies and Ho Hos in lieu of a wedding cake.

Honey Boo Boo's mother, "Mama June," recently tied the knot wearing a camo wedding dress and camo wedding shoes -- and you can, too. Decide whether you want a country wedding or redneck wedding, and use camo patterns liberally!

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