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The Past, Present, and Future of Camouflage Clothing

camouflage hunting clothes

Nowadays, it can be hard to keep track of -- let alone predict -- up and coming fashion trends. One minute you could be rocking an outfit that you think is on point, and the next it's considered like, so last year. However, some fashion staples such as the classic little black dress, tailored suits, and custom t shirts never go out of style and appear to be timeless. Now, camouflage clothing for men and women can be added to that list of fashion must haves.

It seems that everyone is going camo clad. From hipsters, to pop stars, to models strutting the latest camo clothing designs down runways in the world's fashion capitals, camo has infiltrated the fashion world and is here to stay.

While many people may assume camo's transition into mainstream fashion began with camouflage hunting clothes, camouflage clothing has actually been around a lot longer.

It all started during the second World War, when a variety of camouflage patterns and designs were created to help disguise American military forces and equipment. The French also commissioned two artists to create a woodland camouflage pattern to disguise their troops and equipment. Following its success in the war, camouflage became a mainstay in military forces around the world.

During the Vietnam War, many returning soldiers began protesting war efforts while donning their camouflage fatigues. While this was meant to be a powerful anti-war statement -- and it was -- camouflage slowly began to make its way into mainstream fashion, inspiring others to follow suite.

However, military camouflage designs also inspired the advent of camouflage hunting clothes during the 1970s, which in turn facilitated its way onto the mainstream fashion scene.

As the 1980s and 1990s came and went, camouflage hunting clothes weren't just for hunters anymore. Members of the alternative, punk, and grunge movements began sporting military inspired styles such as camouflage clothes, combat boots, berets, and pea coats.

Now, camouflage is worn by people from all backgrounds and walks of life and has expanded beyond fashion, entering the world of interior decorating and design. While camouflage clothing is constantly evolving, one thing is for certain: it's here to stay.

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