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There's a Camouflage Pattern for Everyone

cheap camouflage clothing

Fashion isn't always about buying the most expensive or designer-label clothing. It's about making a statement by expressing your individuality in the best way you see fit.

While there are several fashion fads or trends that have duplicated, replicated, and then dropped faster than a hot potato -- think 1980s shoulder pads -- there are quite a number that have become fashion staples; must-have pieces that should be in every closet. One of those things is camouflage clothing for men and women.

With its roots deep within America's military history, camouflage clothes have grown far beyond their military confines, and have spilled into the world of hunting and outdoor activities, as well as fashion. Army camo clothing was even used during the late 1960s and early 1970s when returning Vietnam veterans wore their fatigues and sported long hair styles to make a statement when joining war protesters.

Now, however, camo clothes have taken the fashion world by storm, with some even going as far as to have camo-themed weddings and special events. Luckily, you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a camo-clad celebrity. Stylish, cheap camouflage clothing can be found at a variety of outlets.

Why not pop some cheap camouflage clothing tags at thrift shops in your area? Thrift, second-hand, and gently used clothing stores are an excellent way to snag -- or even create -- the hottest fashion trends. Aside from the price, the best thing about second-hand clothing stores is the variety of styles and items of clothing.

If you're looking for a more militaristic style, consider buying cheap camouflage clothing and gear directly from army and navy supply stores. You may be also be able to find traditional -- and functional -- combat boots that can be paired with a camouflage jacket or pants in order to create a truly cohesive and authentic military look.

However, if military-patterned camouflage isn't your thing, consider shopping for cheap camouflage clothing at outdoors and sporting good stores.

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