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Top Ten for Bagging That Big Buck

With deer hunting season upon us, it’s hard not to think about the best places to bag the next big buck.

Well, we did the research, and here are the top ten states to grab your next white-tailed deer:


10. Ohio- great for oversized bucks

9. Kentucky- season begins on the first Saturday in September

8. Iowa- high success rates- low number of tags given

7. Colorado- high ratio of record bucks

6. Nebraska- lots of public hunting land availability

5. Indiana- good deer population and high success rate

4. South Dakota- low hunter density and lots of public land

3. Wisconsin- lots of public land- lots of big bucks

2. North Dakota- very low hunter density- high public land availability

1. Kansas- big bucks and very high success ratios

Determined by size of deer, availability of public hunting ground, cost of hunting licenses, deer population, hunter density, harvests per hunter, and more- these ten states come out on top.

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