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Who Knew That Camo Could Lead You To Meet Your Soulmate?

This is a love story. A love story that began with a pink camo rifle and ended with two little camo covered babies. Let it be a lesson to you to be proud of your love of camo, and to show it off with pride. 
No matter whether you are a hunting enthusiast, a fan of the military, or simply someone who enjoys the pattern, now is the time to like it. Now more than ever before, there are countless ways to show off your camo pride. And who knows, you wearing some piece of camo may just open up the avenue for conversation with your future wife. Just like it did for Kevin and Stephanie.

  • Meet
    Stephanie had been interested in hunting for years, but did not have any friends who could take her and show her the ropes, so she was hesitant. She sat quietly, secretly interested, but not exploring her fascination. Until she was in a sporting goods store and was casually walking through the hunting section. She looked at the gear longingly, but nothing more.
    Until her eyes landed upon a pink camo rifle. She knew that, if she ever went hunting, that would be the rifle for her. As she sat there, staring at it, a sales associate, Kevin, walked up and began to ask her if she was interested. She very quickly divulged that she would love to hunt, but never had. He invited her out to his hunting club that weekend, and even put the pink camo rifle on hold for her. That was a fateful day.
  • Formal
    Fast forward two years. Two years of happy hunting trips, matching camo outfits, and plenty of bucks and ducks. Stephanie and Kevin are looking up camo weddings. They both love the idea, but thought that it would be difficult to do. As it turns out, however, there is a huge selection of camo formal wedding dresses on the market. Camo is growing more and more popular by the day, and therefore both Stephanie and Kevin have a huge variety to choose from for bride and groom attire, as well as for their bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Babies
    Jump ahead two more years. The happily married couple is now looking at a great variety of camo baby bedding sets. They are expecting twins, one boy and one girl, so they felt it only appropriate to get little Margaret pink camouflage bedding, and Kevin Jr. blue camouflage bedding. Kevin’s and Stephanie’s love of camo and hunting that brought them together will be passed on to their children, because if it were not for that first pink camo rifle nearly five years ago, little Margaret and Kevin Jr. would not even be here today.

And that is where our love story ends. It is a story about the love of camo, and about the love of one another. Camo can bring people together on a common ground. It should be acknowledged and embraced. When it is shown and worn with pride, who knows? It could lead to another tale of love for you.

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