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Why Camouflage and Country Weddings Go Hand in Hand

camo wedding ideas

Americas love to hunt, so much so that in total, men and women in the United States spend nearly 220 million days hunting each year. Roughly 12.5 million Americans over the age of 16 hunt every year. Now that's a lot of hunting.

Those who hunt typically enjoy the sense of freedom and independence that the great outdoors bring, and almost always sport camo hunting clothes while stalking their prey. Camo clothes allow hunters to pursue their prey while going undetected.

While camouflage clothing is often worn by American military personnel and hunters, it's taken on a life of its own as of late. In fact, it's become symbolic of the country lifestyle, which includes activities such as hunting, fishing, and simply spending time outdoors.

For example, AandE's hit reality television show, Duck Dynasty drew a record breaking number of viewers during its 2013 hour-long premiere. The family portrayed on the show can frequently be seen sporting the camouflage clothing that is so loved across the country. Camouflage clothes have inspired many people to go camo clad, even brides and grooms.

Believe it or not, camo themed weddings have become an increasingly popular occurrence, with soon to be newlyweds coming up with new and fun camo wedding ideas in order to incorporate their beloved pattern into their big day.

Perhaps one of the most common camo wedding ideas is camo wedding gowns. These are either worn by the bride herself, or by her bridesmaids. This is a bold, unique way for brides to showcase their love of camouflage and its ties to their way of life all while celebrating one of the most important milestones of their life.

Another increasingly popular camo wedding idea is camo wedding cake. These delicious cakes often look plain, simple, and perhaps even boring on the outside, but reveal a a vibrant camouflage pattern on the inside when cut open. While this is a more subtle way to incorporate camouflage into a wedding, it still makes a big impact and lasting impression that is sure to never be forgotten.

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