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6" Birch Bark LED Candle

Warm up your home or cabin with this beautiful LED candle. Safe for use in any room... it will even shut itself off!

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6" Birch Bark LED Candle with auto shut off

This Flameless LED Candle is a safe and stylish choice for any room in your home or cabin. Group with the 5" tall version to warm up a coffee table, fireplace mantle, book shelf- anywhere! A safe choice for randomly monitored areas such as a bathroom or bedroom while the party rages on in other rooms!

  •  6" tall x 4" in diameter
  •  Operates on 2 AA Batteries (not included) 
  •  “Auto-off” feature Automatically turns off after 5 hours.
  •  Long lasting L.E.D. light means long battery life. 
  •  Flickers & glows like a real wax candle. 
  •  No Flame ~ No Smoke ~ No Soot 
  •  All are wax / 40% palm construction. 

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