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Big Rack Mule Deer Shedz Hanger ~

This single mule deer shed antler includes a loop to hang just about anywhere. Perfect for hanging from the rear view mirror in the truck. If you are into hunting, sheds and antlers, you'll love this. Approx size: 4″x5″ (hangs down approx. 7 1/2" including hanging loop). Typical 4-point antler with eye guard.

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Big Rack Mule Deer Shedz Hanger
-Flexible poly molded miniature
-Hang from rear view mirror 
-Won't swing in normal driving conditions 
Avid outdoorsmen, Adam Van Wagenen depicts his passion for nature and hunting in his artwork. SPG has teamed up with Adam to bring the Big Rack brand to life. The line of automotive accessories caters to the men and women across the world that share his affinity for all things outdoors. His wildlife depictions embody the spirit of the hunter or huntress and allow them to express their passion through decals, emblems, rear view mirror hangers, dash ornaments and more. 

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