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Crystal Rosette Loop Earrings - Pink

A gorgeous way to recycle bullet casings! Each one of these 9mm rosettes will have five 'petals' with some slight variation due to their handcrafted nature. Each hangs on a petite sterling silver ring on handcrafted sterling silver swan-neck earwires.

Earrings measure 2" from top of earwire to bottom of rosette. Each rosette is approximately 3/4" in diameter. A pink Swarovski crystal replaces the primer.

Available in nickel.

Each bullet casing is tumbled for several hours to restore a new-like shine, then etched, a patina is applied to enhance the details, and then the casing is tumbled again ensuring that no gunpowder residue remains.

Bullet casing jewelry ships in a cotton lined box suitable for gift-giving.

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Crystal Rosette Loop Earrings - Pink

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