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True Timber Camo Baby Gift Set ~

Here's the perfect baby gift for a new mom or dad who enjoys hunting and the outdoors. This camo baby gift set includes practical items needed for a day out with your baby. Keep the items in your vehicle to be ready for baby at any time. Each Camouflage Baby Gift Set Includes:

True Timber Camouflage Diaper Clutch. Each diaper clutch fits almost every type of travel wipes case (Huggies, Pampers, Parent’s Choice, and more), 2-3 diapers up to size 6 or training pants. There is even room for diaper rash cream when using smaller diapers.

True Timber Camouflage Diaper Changing Pad. The True Timber diaper changing pad is backed with black padded vinyl making it waterproof and easy to wipe up when on the go and machine washable when you get home. The strap fits around both the diaper clutch and changing pad to be carried together or separate. 

True Timber Camouflage Pacifier Clip. The True Timber camo pacifier clip is a great accessory for any baby. No more losing or having to dig around for baby’s pacifier. The pacifier clip can be attached to bibs, clothing, car seat, high, chair, or stroller.

True Timber Camouflage Hand Sanitizer Cozy. The True Timber hand sanitizer cozy can be clipped to a diaper bag, backpack or left in a vehicle to make access to hand sanitizer easy at all time. Great for when you are in the outdoors and don’t have access to running water. Works with a Germ-X or similar brand 2.5 FL oz. hand sanitizer brand. A metal key ring clip is also included so you can clip on anywhere.

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True Timber Camo Baby Gift Set

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