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Turkey Tote

The Universal Gambrel Spurless Turkey Toter is the Greatest way to get your bird out of the woods without the bird getting you. It also works great for waterfowl. Some folks have told us it's ideal for hanging raccoons for skinning. The aircraft aluminum bar and cable design makes it light weight and easy to pack in and out of the woods. 

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Turkey Tote

To use the Turkey Toter you simply insert the bird's legs into the loops past the spurs and pull the handle to tighten the loops and the birds' weight keeps the loops tight. You then place then place the Turkey Toter over your shoulder so the bird's breast is against your back and the spurs are away from your body and away you go.  

Can also be used as a small game and waterfowl toter. An added use for the Turkey Toter is to hold the bird while scalding it before picking the feathers. 


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